Baking & Confectionery Ingredients

Japan is the 5th-ranked bakery products market worldwide based on retail sales in 2014. Based on forecast, market for baking ingredients is set to increase with strong demand from consumers in countries such as ASEAN, Europe, India and China.

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A strong demand for high quality beverages worldwide has benefited Japanese suppliers. Over the last few years, Japanese suppliers have experienced increased demand for their Sake, Whiskey and Matcha.

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General Food

Trend in consumer demand for healthy, nutritious foods, organics ingredients have fulled a growth in food industry. Food suppliers in Japan are riding the trend and making their products to be healthier and more relevant to consumers.

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Gateway to Japan

isourceJapan is the ideal platform for international companies to source Japanese products. All staff are fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese languages. We have over 15 years of direct sourcing experience in Japan.

Our local Japan office will help clients source for quality products from credible Japanese companies that are cost competitive.

Over the last 15 years, we have helped companies in Europe, Singapore and Malaysia to procure products for their operations.

This year, we have also expanded our service to small businesses like cafes, bistro and cakery to help them source for quality ingredients that go into their culinary creations.

Families who want to enjoy Japanese products can also consider our bi-monthly subscription.


Next Steps...

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